Our Facilities

We are lucky to be in the hearth of the Umbrian valley that places us near many interesting places worth seeing. We know, however, that those who travel also want a comfortable place to stay and relax. Bearing this in mind we also created spaces for those who want to enjoy some peace.

Swimming Pool

Cool off with a dip in the pool or enjoy the view while lying on the pool side. Relax with your family during the hot summer days by taking a swim.


For the children but also for the parents who want to relax and play with them. The large playground was created taking into account the needs of our younger guests. An area created for those families who prefer to keep their children outdoors rather than inside.

Relax Area

Have a beer with friends, enjoy an outdoor lunch or the silence of a sunset. We wanted to create an area that was like the one that characterized our childhood in this house. A place where during the summer you could stop to talk to neighbours and friends and where the pleasant evening breeze would relieve the summer heat.


There are three trailers parking areas that can accommodate tents or trailers. An electricity and water supply point is guaranteed for each area. Also for the use of campers there is a bathroom with shower and an area with facilities to wash dishes and linen.