The Agricultural Company

Our company was created when our ancestor – Giulio Maggiori – decided to interrupt his job as a brick maker and to buy his first plot of land. In this way, at the beginning of the 30s, our Agricultural company was created, and then expanded over the years, from generation to generation, until it reached its current size. Over the years, the family activities have increased and diversified, trying to keep up with the times without losing sight of what links us to our origins, core of our policy.

Each generational change has characterized a particular direction and a new thrust with which our company has grown reaching the present outline which includes lands, the woods and the animal husbandry of sheep and other farm animals. Moreover there is the production of oil, made entirely from us, from the cultivation to the milling at our very own mill. Furthermore, the natural evolution of the period brings us Il Casale dei Mattonari, the Agritourism and the Restaurant.

The renovations started in 2005 and, in order to drastically reduce resources consumption, we have applied important thermal insulation systems to internal and external coverage of walls. We are also equipped with solar systems to heat sanitary water and an important photovoltaic plant for the production of electricity that we use for everything that is possible, from cooling systems to kitchens, throughout the whole structure.

The overall self-produced energy makes us completely self-sufficient and potentially independent from fossil fuels. The agricultural company linked to the Agritourism produces mainly extra virgin olive oil and the necessary products to feed its own sheep. All crops and olives do not include the use of pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals in general.